November in the Gift Shop

Gift Shop Artist of the Month: Arisa Sasaki

Featured: November 4–26, 2022

Gift Shop Hours: Monday–Saturday, 12-6 p.m.

Arisa Sasaki is an Alaska-based artist and printmaker, originally from Tokyo, Japan she moved to Alaska in 2011 and began printmaking at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2015. Always a creative person, Arisa was instantly drawn in by the magic of printmaking and has grown to love the entire process. 

“It’s not just the finished artwork that is important, but the process of making it,” wrote Arisa, “When a piece is finished, it contains the history of my creative journey of exploration, discovery and expression within itself.”

Arisa’s work is largely nature-based, featuring plants and animals while drawing upon an imagination derived from the natural world. Arisa often includes a taste of Alaska in her work and loves connecting with people through her art.

Her ultimate goal is to spread happiness through her artwork!

Come into the Bear Gallery throughout November and get a piece of Arisa’s printmaking happiness for yourself!