November in the Bear Gallery

Opening Reception: Friday, November 02, 5-7pm

On view: November 02 – December 01, 2018

Join Fairbanks Arts for the opening reception of Limited Edition: An Open Exhibition of Small Works. This exhibit features several small works (no larger than 12″ in any direction) by LOTS of local artists! All work is available for purchase. This is the perfect show to get work by your favorite artist – and just in time for the holidays!

DESCRIPTION: There will be no jury process associated with this exhibit; this is an open invitation exhibit for Interior Alaskan artists. Works must be no larger than 12 inches in any direction, this includes the size of the frame. This exhibit consists of a buy, take and replace model. All works on view must be available for purchase. Once purchased, a buyer can take the work immediately upon payment. Once the artwork has left the gallery, the artist may put a new work in its place.

Limited Edition Prospectus 2018

Artwork intake:

Sunday, October 28, 12pm – 6pm
Monday, October 29, 12pm – 6pm

Deliver entries to the BEAR GALLERY, 3rd Floor- Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts, Pioneer Park, 2300 Airport Way

                           OPEN TO THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES:

Painting – Drawing – Ceramics – Original Prints – Sculpture – Mixed-Media – Photography

If you have a question about if your work is suitable for entry, contact

ENTRY FEE: $5 PER PIECE. Limited to 5 entries. Current Fairbanks Arts members receive a fee waiver on the third entry (2 or 3 pieces for $10.00, 4 pieces for $15.00). Once an artwork has left the gallery, the artist may put a new work in its place. There is no entry fee for additional works after sales of initial entries.


  • Entries submitted only by the artist & limited to five entries.
  • Only open to artists residing in the Interior of Alaska, Doyon Region.
  • Original artwork only. Student work must reflect the artist’s unique creative effort.
  • No kits. No copies or exact replicas of other original artwork or published artwork. (No copies of any published images or copyrighted characters, i.e. Disney.)
  • Work must have been completed within the last two years and not previously exhibited in the Bear Gallery.


  • Selected entries remain on view through 6pm, Saturday, December 1st, 2018. Work will not be available for pick up until Sunday, December 2nd at noon. If you need to pick up early for any reason, you must contact Fairbanks Arts at 456-6485 ext. 226 and make arrangements.
  • Entries will be handled with the greatest possible care and are insured against damage or loss for the duration of the exhibit. Fairbanks Arts is not responsible for minor wear resulting from normal handling.
  • Fairbanks Arts retains a 35% commission on all exhibit sales. All entered works must be available for purchase. Artist’s payments will be made within 30 days of the exhibit’s closure.
  • Submitting an entry constitutes agreement on the part of the artist to all conditions in the prospectus.


  • Entries must be ready for display, matted and framed. Works to be hung on the wall must have a secure wire hanger or similar device. NO SAWTOOTH HANGERS will be permitted.
  • Unusual hanging mechanisms must be approved by Fairbanks Arts, call 456-6485 ext. 226.
  • All quilts must have velcro on the back for wall hanging. NO VELCRO, NO ACCEPTANCE.

November Gift Shop Artist of the Month   Olena Ellis


OlenaJR4My figurative sculpture in clay is an exploration of human physical and emotional strategies, which are modern day tools used for interaction.  Humans have used clay as a medium since the advent of tool making, which was developed out of self-preservation skills, survival and navigational needs.  My works reference fertility and empowering symbols humans’ used in interaction within their relationships and community. I explore how these tools define and redefine our place in society and how we make decisions using these tools with our lives.  – Olena Ellis

November Watercolor Corner Artist

                                          Margaret Kellogg


Night lights

“I’m inspired by the beautiful moments in every day. I learn more and more all the time.  I look at the world through a different colored lens since I began painting with watercolors. Taking classes with Vladimir Zhikhartsev has helped me assess my work with a more critical eye, which I believe has improved my work. The little things that may go unnoticed by other people, like the crystals of ice hanging from a leaf, droplets of water on a rose petal or a little bird with its feathers fluffed out trying to keep warm.  These are the beautiful, little moments in life I try to capture in my paintings. I want to capture those moments and suspend them in a timeless piece of art.”


Margaret E Kellogg

Born and raised in upstate New York, Margaret E. Kellogg married her high school sweetheart who decided the Air Force would be a great way of life.  This life brought them to Alaska 27 years ago. Margaret has been employed with the University of Alaska Fairbanks for the last 20 years. During this time, she worked full time, raised her children, and attended UAF to obtain her Associate’s Degree.

Having a deep love of nature and so much inspiration surrounding her, Margaret uses this subject matter as the main influence in her art work.  Margaret is predominantly a self-taught artist who began painting in 2002 and has painted with oils, enamels, acrylics and watercolor. Margaret has had little formal instruction besides the few opportunities in the local area to study watercolor techniques. Margaret has gained skill and technique under the instruction of Tom Nixon during Summer Fine Arts, with Mick McAndrews at a watercolor workshop and classes with Vladimir Zhikhartsev to improve and enhance her overall understanding of watercolor.  She has been a member of the Fairbanks Watercolor Society for 3 years and has found a great wealth of information and friendship in the members.