2013 Summer T.I.P.S. Program

Thousands of people attend the many special summer events that are held at Pioneer Park and local entertainers have been instrumental in the success of these events.  Additionally, there is the opportunity to perform for an audience of local families and visitors from all over the world at other times of the summer.  The performance program, TIPS (Totally Impromptu Performance Series) will provide a continual performance atmosphere for visitors throughout the park.

The TIPS program will be held from noon to 8:00 pm daily and scheduled for 45 minute sets during the months of June, July & August.  Acoustic performances are encouraged, as performers are obligated to bring their own equipment.  No PA or tech will be provided, although electricity is available for small amps, etc. at certain locations in Pioneer Park.  Performers may collect tips and/or sell CDs.  We hope you will join us to create a festive atmosphere at your community park!

If interested in this performance opportunity please contact Program Associate Jill Shipman at 456-6485 ext. 222.

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