March in the Bear Gallery

Up With Art: an exhibition of FNSBSD K-12 student artwork

First Friday Opening: March 3, 2023, 12–7 p.m., reception 5–7 p.m., 
Awards Ceremony for grades 9-12: March 3, 6 p.m.
Awards Ceremony for grades K-8: March 5, 2-3 p.m.
Exhibitions On View: March 3–31, 2023
Gallery hours: Monday–Saturday, 12–6 p.m.

Fairbanks Arts wants to thank all the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District (FNSBSD) affiliated students in grades K–12 who submitted art for Up With Art! The exhibition of student artwork will be displayed during March in the Bear Gallery for National Youth Art Month.

Congratulations to this years Up With Art awardees!

K-8 AWARDS Community judges viewed artwork submitted from artists in Kindergarten–8th grade and awarded prizes in the following three categories:

Imagination – Juried by Brandy Harty (FNSBSD School Board member)

Imagination: Where does your imagination take you? What kind of creatures, worlds, and things can you create in your mind? Is there an alternative world you’d like to go to, a fantastical animal you made up, or a crazy dinner you imagine your family eating?

Juror’s Choice
“Take Your Kid to Work Day – Alien Invasion”
Kari Tumason, 6th Grade

“Bob Ross the Alligator”
Sorin Wright, 3rd Grade

“Sunshine Fairy”
Vera Van Treeck, 1st Grade

“The Mind of the Shape Shifter”
Thistle Graves, 1st Grade

“Walking A Dream”
Oliver Alberg, Kindergarten

Stories – Juried by Chrya Sanderson (FNSBSD School Board member)

Stories: How can you tell a story or create a scene in your art? Are you inspired by movies, stories, or comic books? How could you recreate a favorite memory with your friend, create a scene from a story you read, or imagine something in the future you’d like to happen?

Juror’s Choice
Abby Kletzli, Kindergarten

“Purple Hues”
Lexi Denney, 3rd Grade

“Jesus Christ”
Brendan Wenger, 7th Grade

“Birdi on the Tree”
Ashlyn Lydon, 5th Grade

Icel Winterstein, 2nd Grade

Connection – Juried by Chief Sean Milligan (Eielson AFB)

Connection: What connections and relationships are important in your life? How do you connect with your community? Do you like spending time with your neighbors, your classmates, or your pet?

Juror’s Choice
“Climbing Through the Seasons”
Marlena Hale, 2nd Grade

“A Winter Wonderland”
Mimi Trahanovsky-Grimes, 5th Grade

“Snowy Day”
Connor Harty, 4th Grade

“Crafting My Perfect Birthday”
Lincoln Alberg, 3rd Grade

“The Red Robin”
Samson Dobrovolny, 2nd Grade

9-12 AWARDS Guest artist judges reviewed artwork submitted from artists in 9th–12th grade and awarded prizes in the following categories:

Two-dimensional – Juried by Kyle Augustine (UAF painter)

Best of Show
Alice Bent, 12th Grade

Second Place
Untitled work
Noah Potter, 11th Grade

Third Place
Zoe Foshee, 12th Grade

Three-dimensional – Juried by Patty Carlson (UAF metals professor)

Best of Show
“Ggenaa (friend)”
Joshua Carlo, 11th Grade

Second Place
Olivia Lent, 10th Grade

Third Place
“Set of three”
Aylin Hawkins, 10th Grade

Art is key to a complete education and is a powerful vehicle for expression, exploration, and skill-building.

This exhibition is free and open to the public.