Kathy Smith (digital) Artist’s Talk: Rivers of Ice

Kathy has traveled to several glaciers during her time in Alaska. Rivers of Ice was a chronicle of these visits and an artistic exploration of our glaciers as living entities, now receding to the point of extinction. Her artist’s talk presentation below is about the work in her exhibition Rivers of Ice, including descriptions of the visits to glaciers, the effects of climate change on the Alaskan landscape and her studio process to produce the work for the exhibition.

Kathy Smith is a long-time resident of Homer, Alaska. She has been painting the Alaskan landscape for the past thirty years. Her work is influenced by seasonal cycles and natural events, such as tides, weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, and climate change. Her mixed media paintings include oil, encaustic, cold wax, ink, and printmaking. Her work is included in the Alaska State Council on the Arts Art Bank and in the permanent collection of the Pratt Museum.