June in the Gift Shop

Gift Shop Artist of the Month

Developing an art practice was a natural path for Lyndsi after spending so much time outdoors studying nature. She is always in awe of what she sees around her and has used art as a way to capture some of the beauty of her home. She creates pieces so that others can be drawn into the details that are so often missed. Every piece tells a story of place through the landmarks that define it or the creatures that call it home. She uses art to teach, highlight the beauty of the land, give back to those who work to preserve nature, and to bring joy.

Lyndsi has always had a flair for the creative, and has thus had her hands in pretty much every medium from ceramics to charcoal. She picked up embroidery during a hurricane lockdown while in South Carolina in 2018, and shortly after returning home to Alaska, she began using birch bark as a canvas for her embroidery. It was clear almost immediately that this was where her artistic passion would thrive! She dove in headfirst and hasn’t looked back.

Lyndsi has lived all over the western coast of the United States but has always considered Fairbanks her true home.  Lyndsi received her B.S. and M.S. in Biology at Walla Walla University in eastern Washington, and her M.Ed. in Education at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. When not home with her wild young child, she spends her free time dragging friends and family through the forest pointing out all the unique and special creatures she finds, paddleboarding, and reading.

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