Announcing the 2022 Up With Art awardees!

Up With Art

An exhibition of FNSBSD K-12 student artwork

Thank you to all of the students who submitted their artwork and to all of the parents and teachers who made this show possible and congratulations to all the artists involved in the exhibition!! 

This year’s Up With Art awardees are as follows: 

K-8 AWARDS Community judges viewed artwork submitted from artists in Kindergarten–8th grade and awarded prizes in the following three categories:

Imagination – Juried by Jim Williams (FNSB Mayor’s Office Chief of Staff)

Imagination: Where does your imagination take you? What kind of creatures, worlds, and things can you create in your mind? Is there an alternative world you’d like to go to, a fantastical animal you made up, or a crazy dinner you imagine your family eating?

Juror’s Choice:
Scary Dragon by
Lucia Messina Kindergarten

2nd Place: The Force
by Caleb Desrochers
5th Grade

3rd Place: Trippy Mushrooms
by Kona Worley-Ripple
5th Grade

4th Place: Electric Rino
by Daevin Abraham
3rd Grade

5th Place: Living Nightmare
by Griek Reid
5th Grade

Stories- Juried by Tim Doran (FNSBSD School Board Member)

Stories: How can you tell a story or create a scene in your art? Are you inspired by movies, stories, or comic books? How could you recreate a favorite memory with your friend, create a scene from a story you read, or imagine something in the future you’d like to happen?

Juror’s Choice: In My Wonderland
by Elizabeth Kim
8th Grade

2nd Place: Ride Through Summer’s Memories
by Hannah Cho
6th Grade

3rd Place: My Flower Garden
by Audrianna Denkenberger
6th Grade

4th Place: Lantern Walk
by Ally Doran
5th Grade

5th Place: Dipping our toes in the ocean while surfing
by Tindra Krupa

Connection – Juried by Brianna Gray (Federal Programs Director, Alaska Native Education)

Connection: What connections and relationships are important in your life? How do you connect with your community? Do you like spending time with your neighbors, your classmate, or your pet?

Juror’s Choice: Welcome to my Dad’s Kitchen
by Pauline Xu
8th Grade

2nd Place: Forest Fairy in the Sun Having Fun
by Marlena Hale
1st Grade

3rd Place: Rio-Cycle
by Aurora Dawn Janoso
3rd Grade

4th Place: The Link
by Andri Tumason
2nd Grade

5th Place: Aurora
by Alex Chandler
4th Grade

9-12 AWARDS Guest artist judges reviewed artwork submitted from artists in 9th–12th grade and awarded prizes in the following categories:  

Two-dimensional – Juried by Jamie Smith (visual artist)

Juror’s Choice: Untitled
by Malechi Matheson
11th Grade

2nd Place: Home
by Hollin Priday
12th Grade

3rd Place: Unexpected
by Aurora Beckley
10th Grade

Honorable Mention: Anxiety
by Erica Hayes
10th Grade

Three-dimensional – Juried by Heidi Morel (ceramic artist)

Juror’s Choice: Untitled
by Sidney Splain
12th Grade

2nd Place: Shadowbox Pendant
by Rachel O’Donoghue
12th Grade

3rd Place: Untitled
by Seth Phillips
12th Grade

Honorable Mention: Vase
by Michael Richardson
11th Grade 

Honorable Mention: Cancer
by Emylee McCormick
11th Grade

Honorable Mention: Lemon Mug
by Willa Doherty
10th Grade