Spring Juried Exhibition – Entanglement

We asked you to vote and the results are in: the concept for the Spring Juried Exhibition is Entanglement!

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, definitions of entanglement include:

  1. The condition of being wrapped and twisted together in a mass
  2. A complicated or compromising relationship or situation
  3. Something that entangles, confuses, or ensnares

The exhibition will take place April 1–30, 2022 in the Bear Gallery.

Juror: Melissa Shaginoff

Melissa Shaginoff, is part of the Udzisyu (caribou) and Cui Ui Ticutta (fish-eater) clans from Nay’dini’aa Na Kayax (Chickaloon Village, Alaska). She is an Ahtna and Paiute person, an artist, a curator, and an Auntie. In principle, her work is shaped by the framework and intricacies of Indigenous ceremonies and social protocols. In practice, Melissa visits. Her work is about finding deeper and truer understanding; thus she centers conversation as her art praxis.

Melissa recently completed an invitational artist residency in Sweden with the Skövde Kontsmuseet. She has also participated in invitational residencies in Venice, Italy, Wells, British Columbia, and Sitka, Alaska. Melissa has curated and juried art exhibitions with the Anchorage Museum, the Alaska Pacific University Galleries, the University of Alaska Anchorage Hugh McPeck Gallery, the Coe Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the International Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been published in the Alaska Humanities FORUM Magazine, First American Art Magazine, Inuit Art Quarterly, and the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center Learning Lab. Melissa is also a part of Łuk’ae Tse’ Tsass (fish head soup) Comics, a new media group focusing on Indigenous collaboration and representation in science-fiction narratives.


Juror’s Choice:
Paul Stark – Vaccine Hesitancy

Second Place:
Takenya Rosetta – Experiencing Shame: Isolated

Third Place:
Colleen Firmin Thomas – Arm Yourself

Jared Baker “Gutsy Art Award”:
Tina Shih – Event Horizon

Honorable Mentions:
Noah Nolywaika – Inconspicuous
Julie Scott – Overgrown Garden
John W Bestard – Mama Mia
Somer Hahm – Every Lesson You Learn As a Woman
Alissa Gador McKnight – Study of Motherhood
Dixie Masak Dayo – Miss Tundra Rose & her friends the Dancing Christmas Flowers
Alyssa Quintyne – Hell, The Death Series
Sarah Lewis – Foodweb


April 1–3012–6 pm, Mon.-Sat.Gallery Open Hours
Sunday, May 112–4 pm Artwork Pick Up

For questions, contact Fairbanks Arts 907-251-8386 ext. 3 or gallery@fairbanksarts.org