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Born and raised in Fairbanks, Jeff Dean currently lives in Homer. He has been a professional sculptor since the early ‘80s, making artwork in clay, wood, bronze, stone, and steel for individuals, businesses, and public art commissions.

For Jeff, art is a natural extension of living. When making, all of his creative resources come to bear, putting him in touch with his deeper feelings to interpret, distill, and convey, both visually and tactilely, what cannot be seen or we otherwise take for granted.

Over the last thirty years, Jeff has developed and refined a metal art technique he calls heat-colored steel engraving which he uses to make single and multi-layer metal wall art. First, designs are ground into sheet steel using carefully chosen abrasives to suggest material, movement, depth, and form, and then heat from a large torch is used to color the steel with oxidation colors.

This innovative technique produces dynamic visual effects that change with the light and viewing angle, giving them a range of characteristics impossible to achieve with other media. These metal prints are produced from carefully lit images of Jeff’s original steel engravings printed on aluminum using dye sublimation. The sheer satin surface does an excellent job of suggesting the metallic qualities of the original metal art.

“Last Mammoth” by Jeff Dean

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