June in the Gift Shop

Gift Shop Artist of the Month

Marji Huffman-Plessinger

Featured: June 4–26

Gift Shop Hours: Monday–Saturday, noon–6 pm

“Evening Glow” by Marji Plessinger

Marji’s paintings and jewelry are inspired by her Alaskan experiences. Today she paints mostly with acrylics and is working on producing paintings of Interior Alaska seasonal impressions. Marji also paints with oils and has even experimented with pour painting which produces some stunning effects. In her jewelry making, copper is favored, along with stones, other natural items, and bits and pieces of hardware. She also loves to create artwork with her daughter, Amber.

Family has played an important role in her creative expression. Her mother was an artist and had a love of classic artistic beauty. Marji’s father faithfully attempted to answer any question put to him about the wonders of nature, Alaska, electronics, and any myriad of other subjects. Both grandfathers were Ham Radio operators and playing with various radio parts as a child created an interest in using bits and pieces of hardware for unique creations. Her paternal grandfather was a dedicated Alaskan, successfully homesteading just south of Anchorage in the 1930s with his family. The northern border of the Huffman homestead is Huffman Road named after her grandparents Vern and Evelyn Huffman. This has all come together to mold and form Marji’s artistic expressions.

Her art has been displayed most recently as a part of the Anchorage Museum All Alaska Biennial Exhibition in 2020, at the Tanana Valley Farmers Market, and the Wild Arts Walk at Creamer’s Field, as well as at a number of bazaars and markets throughout the years. 

Her studio, My Alaskan Passage, shares the experience with anyone who repeats the name. When you say “My Alaskan Passage” it becomes your adventure as well, it is now your Alaskan Passage. Marji continues to be enchanted and follows the mystery that is Alaska, sharing in ever new and evolving ways.

“Clouds” by Marji Plessinger

You can find Marji online at myalaskapassage.com as well as on Facebook as @myalaskapassage.

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