December in the Gift Shop

Gift Shop Artist of the Month

Printworthy by Macy Possenti

Featured: December 4–23, 2020

Gift Shop Hours: Monday–Friday, noon–6 pm

As a resident of the North, Macy is surrounded by beauty: towering mountains, crafty ravens, weathered birch trees, and the energizing solstice sun. While Alaska is full of superlatives, she strives to showcase its simplicity–to give attention to the often-overlooked flora and fauna, and break down each element to its simplest form. She hopes that by reducing the complexity of the designs in her prints and textiles, we can better appreciate all that the Last Frontier has to offer.

To see more of Macy’s work, follow her on Instagram and Facebook @PrintworthyArts.

Bear Gallery visitors please note:

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  • Visitors to the Bear Gallery must wear a mask. We ask that visitors bring and wear their own masks at all times. No entry without a mask.
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