The Bear Gallery

An Art Gallery & Gift Shop in Fairbanks 

The Fairbanks Arts Association in partnership with Fairbanks North Star Borough Parks and Recreation offer a free admission fine art gallery & gift shop located in the heart of Pioneer Park. The Bear Gallery is on the third floor of the Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts in Pioneer Park at 2300 Airport Road.

Winter hours: Noon to 6 pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

Summer hours (June, July, and August): Noon to 8 pm, Daily.

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Ina Timling and Vladimir Zhikhartsev

On View: November 3-25

Opening Reception: November 3, 5-7pm

Ina Timling

Starry night over the Tanana_2015_cropped_C_Ina Timling_web-size
Starry Night over the Tanana

“Extracting the essence is what I find in science and printmaking.”

INA AND OTTER cropped_web-sizeIna grew up in East Germany. Her love for the North led her to UAF, where she studied soil microbes across the Arctic and graduated with a PhD in Biology in 2014. After graduating, she wanted to translate the northern landscapes that she had seen during many expeditions into prints. Several printmaking classes at UAF allowed her to start fulfilling this dream.

The Arctic is characterized by stark contrasts of light and darkness. In her wood- and linoleum cuts she tries to explore these stark contrasts. “My goal is to let the viewer realize that we recognize light only because there is darkness.”

Vladimir Zhikhartsev

Vladimir Zhikhartsev, 5th Ave_web-size
5th Ave.

Artist Vladimir Zhikhartsev_web-size For information about Vladimir’s classes and painting, visit




Gift Shop Artist of the Month

November 2017

Deb McQueen

Dredge_Deb McQueen

Deb_McQueen_artist photo_croppedDeb Mcqueen is an award-winning Seed Bead Artist residing in North Pole, Alaska.

As a self-taught artist Deb has studied the beadwork and bead making styles of many cultures, both historical and current. She has mastered many bead techniques and is still learning others. Her favorite is her own style of bead embroidery. Deb’s art incorporates natural stones and objects along with semi-precious gemstones.

Using new and antique seed beads as her paint pallet, Deb is able to create the flow of water or the wave of wind through a grassy field. The scenic natural beauty of Alaska greatly influences her art.

Deb’s art has been accepted into numerous Juried Art Exibitions. She has received several Honorable Mentions, 3rd and 2nd place awards as well as a few of the coveted Jurors Choice Awards.

Deb’s art can currently be found at:

  • Alaska House Art Gallery, Fairbanks, Ak.
  • The Bear Gallery Gift Shop, Fairbanks, Ak.
  • Cabin 13 Pioneer Park  (summers), Fairbanks, Ak.

For more information about Deb’s artwork visit:

Watercolor Corner Artist

November 2017


Daisys in the Sunlight (1)“I Came to Alaska in 1980 from Crookston, Minnesota. I have been involved in Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, and in my church. I was getting stressed out so my spiritual director told me, it was time for me to do something for myself, something that would help me relax. I painted my first painting in the fall of 1999. I enjoy the outdoors, so painting God’s beautiful nature was relaxing to me. It has even taken pain away at times.

In 1999 Gail Marakami taught me to mix colors. She helped me to look at the world differently. Sue Cole was my true mentor, she taught me to look outside the box. She helped me to go beyond my dreams and expectations. To paint what I saw and what was in my heart. I will never forget the love she had for the ones she taught. Now I am a member of the “Fairbanks Watercolor Society” the “Fairbanks Art Association” the “Summer Arts Festival” and just for fun the “Red Hat Society”.  So if you are over 50 you are invited to wear a red hat to the Friday art show.”

-Peggy Mantei-


Rarefied Light from Anchorage Photographic Center

On View: December 1-30

Opening Reception: Friday, December 1, 5-7 PM

Rarefied Light 2017 Best of Show Award – Horizon: Two by Tara Horton (Anchorage)


Alaska Photographic Center’s Rarefied Light 2017 exhibition kicked off with an opening reception at the ConocoPhillips and Leah J. Peterson Galleries, Alaska Pacific University, Anchorage, November 3rd and will be on view at Fairbanks Arts Association’s Bear Gallery for the month of December before traveling on to Kenai Peninsula College.

The Alaska Photographic Center (APC) is a statewide organization formed in 1983, with a mission to promote fine art photography in Alaska. Rarefied Light is Alaska’s largest annual fine art photography exhibition. This year APC received 506 entries by 82 artists. Guest juror Henry Horenstein, selected 43 photographs by 23 artists for inclusion in this year’s exhibition.

Best of Show was awarded to Tara Horton, Anchorage, for the print “Horizon:Two”.

Honorable Mention awards:

Joshua Borough, Anchorage, “Tradition

Christine Eagleson, Anchorage, “Stylist Perspective I”

LJ Evans, Fairbanks, “Scott and Mattie

Greg Hensel, Wasilla, “Shelter”

Javid Kamali, Anchorage, “Another Ordinary Day”
After showing in the Bear Gallery December 1-30, the exhibition will be on view at the Kenai Peninsula College from January 16th to February 23rd, with an opening reception Thursday, January 18th, 4:30pm to 6pm.

Rarefied Light is funded in part by a grant from the Alaska State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, with support from Blaine’s Art Supply.



Gift Shop Artist of the Month

December 2017

Tammy Holland


“I am an Alaskan Native that was raised in a substance lifestyle in rural Alaskan village.  I reference the life experiences I cherish in the art I create.  I use a bold color pallet to recreate images of foods that I have come to consider to be soul food, moose, caribou, berries and fish are the most common things I render in oil paints on brushed aluminum, wood, and canvas.  I am interested in creating art that stimulates multiple senses, what would you smell, taste, hear, in the presence of the object I have created.  In native culture food is offered to guests and sharing is paramount, these ideals interest me and I am exploring the idea of food as a vehicle to revisit emotional associations of time and place.”
 – Tammy Holland



Watercolor Corner Artist

December 2017

Pamela Twitchell, Judy Gottschalk, Pam Wagaman, and Helen Howard

4 friends

Lake Clark Impressions Shared with Friends
Pamela Twitchell invited three painting friends to spend six days with her on Lake Clark in the Alaska Range, July 6-12, 2017. This collaborative show is the result.
Pamela Twitchell, Judy Gottschalk, Pam Wagaman and Helen Howard have all taken watercolor workshops offered through the Fairbanks Watercolor Society and Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival. Further opportunities to study with Vladimir Zhikhartsev brought them together and provided a better understanding and appreciation of this elusive and fascinating medium. The highlights of the visit were a long hike to Tanalian Falls and fresh food from a local Port Alsworth garden.

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