The Bear Gallery

An Art Gallery & Gift Shop in Fairbanks 

The Fairbanks Arts Association in partnership with Fairbanks North Star Borough Parks and Recreation offer a free admission fine art gallery & gift shop located in the heart of Pioneer Park. The Bear Gallery is on the third floor of the Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts in Pioneer Park at 2300 Airport Road.

Winter hours: Noon to 6 pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

Summer hours (June, July, and August): Noon to 8 pm, Daily.

Scroll through to see what we have in the Bear Gallery & Gift Shop this month.

See a list of upcoming Bear Gallery exhibits.


February 2018 Exhibition

Containment: Form, Function, and Whimsy

Ceramics from the Fairbanks Potters’ Guild and Alaskan Industrial Evolution by Takenya Rosetta

On view: February 2-24th

Opening Reception: Friday, February 2, 5-7pm


guild logo 1.9.2018(1)
Fairbanks Potters’ Guild logo

Containment: Form, Function and Whimsy, a group exhibition featuring the Fairbanks Potters’ Guild, represents the diversity of clay artistry in Interior Alaska and focuses on the idea of “Containment,” in functional, whimsical, and even symbolic ways.

The Fairbanks Potters’ Guild is a vibrant cadre of individualist ceramic artists who meet regularly to foster camaraderie, to support creative growth, and to raise awareness of ceramics arts in Fairbanks.

Fairbanks potters work in a variety of ways. While wheel thrown pottery predominates, many potters hand build their work. Surface treatment and design ranges from traditional glazing through textural experimentation, and traditional and contemporary updates of colorful majolica, to the use of sgraffito and other sculptural techniques. Methods of firing also embody the variety of techniques available to potters: high fire, low fire, salt fire, raku, and wood firing. Some potters are primarily interested in form; others focus on function. Some potters seek to use clay as a canvas; some focus on its potential for whimsy.



publicity_ Oil Cans_Rosetta
Oil Cans by Takenya Rosetta

“As an artist I have had a lifelong appreciation for architecture, furniture, machinery, and tools; I have become increasingly drawn over the last decade to a broader scope of man-made lines of expression. I am Alaska born and a resident for over thirty five years, living as an artist and photographer for over twenty years. When photographing family portraits, real estate or in any creative process I believe in taking every opportunity to employ fresh eyes and remain open to inspiration. Rather than having strict expectations for what I want, I look for original compositions both in the big picture as well as in the details. As an artist I continually push myself to look beyond the ordinary which often leads to interesting experiences climbing trees or my car or lying in the middle of the street to get the perspective that inspires me.”

– Takenya Rosetta


Gift Shop Artist of the Month

February 2018

Amy Mackinaw


Amy Mackinaw- Potholders, coasters, tablet cover, stitched magnets

Inspiration for Amy Mackinaw’s textile art work comes from the variety of colors and pure beauty of Alaska. Bearberry Designs, her textile art company’s name was inspired by the tiny tundra plant that can turn entire mountainsides bright red. With this inspiration, Amy has focused on hand-dying or adding surface design to all the fabric she uses to offer a greater variety of colors and textures. Pieces included in the Gift Shop include colorful shoulder pouches with inner zip pocket, hand-dyed and commercial cottons, lined with pre-quilted cotton, coasters, tablet covers and stitched magnets. As she hopes her work can be a part of people’s daily lives, she refers to her textile art as, “fiber art for every day.”


Watercolor Corner Artist of the Month

February 2018

Pamela Wagaman


Autumn Crabapples by Pamela Wagaman

While pursuing an education as a microbiologist, raising a family, and following a career in research and teaching, Pamela’s vision of retirement was to combine science with music and art.  She first explored watercolor for a few months with Susan Bradford in Atlanta, then moved to Fairbanks in 2011.  Pamela is captivated by the constantly changing interplay of light with different forms of water, along with the landscape and silence of Alaska, finding they have provided endless inspiration and opportunities to practice painting.  Pamela has enjoyed drawing and painting at Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival and local workshops, and has joined a community of students studying watercolor with Vladimir Zhikhartsev.  In 2016, she finally realized her dream of retirement filled with music, art, learning, science, and sharing all these with her grandchildren.


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