The Bear Gallery

An Art Gallery & Gift Shop in Fairbanks 

The Fairbanks Arts Association in partnership with Fairbanks North Star Borough Parks and Recreation offer a free admission fine art gallery & gift shop located in the heart of Pioneer Park. The Bear Gallery is on the third floor of the Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts in Pioneer Park at 2300 Airport Road.

Summer hours (June, July, and August): Noon to 8 pm, Daily.

Winter hours: Noon to 6 pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

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50 Golden Years: Pioneer Park and Fairbanks Arts Association 50th Anniversary Exhibition


First Friday Reception: May 5, 5pm-7pm

On view in the Bear Gallery: May 5-29, 2017

Fairbanks Arts and Pioneer Park will share the gallery to celebrate their 50th anniversaries. See a retrospective of a half-century of Fairbanks Arts’ service to Interior Alaska through the arts, joined with the local history of Pioneer Park’s unique place in the Fairbanks community.

A little bit of history:


In 1965, a small group of art lovers began meeting to discuss ways to grow and deepen the appreciation of the arts in Alaska. The Alaska Association for the Arts (AAA) was established a year later and was originally chaired by Geneva Emmal and featured well-known Fairbanksans such as Jo Scott, the founder of the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival. As the only arts association in the state, the AAA board was the driving force behind the establishment of the Alaska State Council on the Arts and the construction of the Alaskaland Civic Center (now known as Pioneer Park’s Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts). With the successful establishment of a state arts council, Alaska Association for the Arts was able to focus its efforts on the Interior and became Fairbanks Arts Association in 1983.

Over the last 50 years, Fairbanks Arts Association has opened cultural doors in Fairbanks and the Interior through its sponsorship and organization of both local and touring theatrical, musical and dance performances (including the first operas and ballets in the area), arts classes, arts exhibitions and varied educational outreach programs. Fairbanks Arts plays a central leadership role in the arts community, providing opportunities and resources for artists and organizations, and enhancing lives by offering quality, accessible arts experiences that work toward the collective cultural and artistic strength of Interior Alaska.


K.N. Goodrich and Adam Owen

K.N. Goodrich, Mixed Media
Gallery Exhibition: Selected Groupings

 June 5, 7-8pm Artist Lecture by K.N. Goodrich
Blue Room, 3rd Floor Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts, Pioneer Park

Springs Eternal_KN_Goodrich_web-size

Headshot_KN Goodrich_web-size

My work is contemporary, experimental, mixed media painting. I create artwork in a search for peace, clarity and order from my own experience of the world as a place of disorder, chaos and uncertainty. My work investigates the journey to acceptance of trauma, loss, fracture, imperfection, alienation, margin-alisation and impermanence: my journey.

I combine representation, figuration and symbolism with varying degrees of abstraction to create compositions that evoke an ambiguous narrative of past trauma and the beauty to be found in the evidence of survival. Layering, especially between media, is a key element in my work, creating the sense of time passed, with traces visibly remaining of what was there before.

I want to make work that is relevant to a wider public by using contemporary experimental approaches within the traditional format of painting. Over the years, my contemporary approach and experimentation with new technologies, different materials and wide-ranging techniques has led me to create some very interesting and innovative work. One approach I’ve been working on is the use of digital photo processing and printing technologies in combination with traditional painting materials, especially pastel and watermedia.


Adam Owen, Pyrographer/Photographer
Gallery Exhibition: Nature’s Burn

Lonely Bull_Adam Owen_web-size

Adam Owen PhotoAdam Owen is a self-taught artist whose passion for wildlife and nature are captured in his wood burning art (pyrography) and nature photographs. Pyrography is all about applying varying degrees of heat that produce monochromatic, sepia-like hues in subtle values and tones. Executing with accuracy, style, and imagination is key in producing unique and evocative works of art. Since 2001 Adam has developed and evolved a body of work that represents the best of who he is. Adam is passionate about this medium and attempts to portray the natural world in fresh and interesting ways to express his appreciation of animals and nature. As he “paints with heat,” he feels a certain parallel between the wild and natural spirits that embody his subjects and the organic and distinctively unforgiving nature of his medium which includes wood, antler, and paper. As an outdoor enthusiast living in Fairbanks his inspiration can be found in the everyday beauty of Alaska.

This show, titled “Nature’s Burn,” hopes to communicate Adam’s passion for pyrography and photography as well as the idea that wood burning is more than just a craft. It is a fine art and deserves recognition and respect as such.

Gift Shop Artist of the Month:

Molly Manaugh

Wild Iris Plaid lap rug 005 (600x800)_Molly_Manaugh

My name is Molly V. Manaugh and I weave Scottish tartans.  I was born and raised in California, and arrived in Fairbanks in September 1989.   I worked for several years at the UAF Bookstore before starting my  business “A Tartan Weaver” in 1995.  It is a small business where I work at home creating hand woven Scottish tartans.  I have been a full-time weaver since 1999.  I specialize in accessories for the home and wardrobe, but I also weave samples of newly designed tartans.  Most of my work is custom made.

My heritage is Scottish, and from a young age I wanted to learn to weave.  Once I did learn, my first project was to weave my clan tartan.  I was hooked; it was a natural and comfortable fit.  Tartans, or plaids, are the traditional Scottish national dress and can be worn or used by anyone who likes the plaid design.   I work with wool, cotton, cotton/linen blends, and cellulose based fibers (bamboo, soy silk, and Tencel).

I love watching the fabric develop on the loom.  Most tartans use no more than 6 basic colors:  red, green, blue, black, yellow, and white, but so many different patterns are created with those few colors.  So far, I have woven over 330 different tartans.


M’fanwy Dean


M'fanwy Dean_photo_web-sizeBorn in 1992 in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, M’fanwy grew up surrounded by art and animals in a family of Artists, Gardeners, and Sculptors.

Aside from 7 months in the summer of ’16 spent in Portland, OR, she has spent the last 17 years living on a farmstead in Homer, Alaska. Her work has been on display at local galleries and gift shops across the state. Most recently her piece “Breaching Whale” was selected for publication in the international juried art annual: “Infected by Art: volume 5.”

She currently lives in a small cabin in Homer, more than half of which is taken up by studio space with a clear view of the Mountains and Kachemak Bay. You can stay updated on her process and new works by visiting her website or following her on instagram @mfanwy.

Watercolor Artist of the Month:


Margaret Kelloggspring Thaw_Margaret Kellogg

Margaret E KelloggHaving a deep love of nature and so much inspiration surrounding her, Margaret uses this subject matter as the main influence in her art work.  Margaret is predominantly a self-taught artist who began painting in 2002 and has painted with oils, enamels, acrylics and watercolor.  Margaret has had little formal instruction besides the few opportunities in the local area to study watercolor techniques. Margaret has gained skill and technique under the instruction of Tom Nixon during Summer Fine Arts, with Mick McAndrews at a watercolor workshop and classes with Vladimir Zhikhartsev to improve and enhance her overall understanding of watercolor.  She has been a member of the Fairbanks Watercolor Society for 3 years and has found a great wealth of information and friendship in the members.

“I’m inspired by the beautiful moments in every day. I learn more and more all the time.  I look at the world through a different colored lens since I began painting with watercolors. Taking classes with Vladimir Zhikhartsev has helped me assess my work with a more critical eye, which I believe has improved my work. The little things that may go unnoticed by other people, like the crystals of ice hanging from a leaf, droplets of water on a rose petal or a little bird with its feathers fluffed out trying to keep warm.  These are the beautiful, little moments in life I try to capture in my paintings. I want to capture those moments and suspend them in a timeless piece of art.”


Judy Gottschalk and Lolita Valcq

Judy Gottschalk

Judy Gottschalk photoI was born and grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. Then I relocated to Alaska, UAF, and never looked back.

I didnt begin painting until after retiring. Tom Nixon started me out. He got me hooked and excited. From then on I took any class offered in Fairbanks by visiting artists. I joined the Fairbanks Watercolor Society and  met other local artists. Recently Ive been taking classes with Vladimir Zhikhartsev, who is showing me the infinite possibilities of watercolor.

This medium has always fascinated me because of the combination of spontaneity and control. I love the way art makes me really look at what Im painting: the colors, the lines and the relationships.

Abstract_IMG_2705_Judy Gottschalk_corrected



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