Up with Art (Reimagined): Call for FNSBSD K-12 student artwork!

Fairbanks Arts Association invites Fairbanks North Star Borough School District (FNSBSD) affiliated students in grades K–12 to submit to the Up With Art (Reimagined) student art exhibition!

DEADLINE TO ENTER ARTWORK: Friday, February 26 by NOON. All submissions must be registered online by this deadline in order to be in the exhibition. More information is below.

In years past, this exhibition has featured artwork made in the classroom in conjunction with Art Specialists and teachers; however, in light of the special circumstances of this academic year, we are inviting FNSBSD student artists to submit one (1) piece of original art made at home or in school within the past year to be on display in the Bear Gallery. There is no cost to enter the exhibition.

Art is key to a complete education and a powerful vehicle for expression, exploration, and skill-building! While submitted works of art can be about (nearly) anything, as part of the 2021 Up With Art (Reimagined) exhibition, Fairbanks Arts will be offering prizes in the following five categories—awardees will be selected by community judges who will be keeping an eye out for artworks that explore:

imagination: Where does your imagination take you? What kind of creatures, worlds, and things can you create in your mind? Is there an alternative world you’d like to go to, a fantastical animal you made up, or a crazy dinner you imagine your family eating?

stories: How can you tell a story or create a scene in your art? Are you inspired by movies, stories, or comic books? How could you recreate a favorite memory with your friend, create a scene from a story you read, or imagine something in the future you’d like to happen?

connection: What connections and relationships are important in your life? How do you connect with your community? Do you like spending time with your neighbors, your classmate, or your pet?

environment: How do you experience nature in your life? Do landscapes, animals, or plants inspire you? Do you like looking at the trees out your window, reading about the rainforest, or drawing animals?

health: What types of activities do you do to stay healthy? What keeps you feeling good? Do you go for a walk with a friend, eat veggies, or talk about a problem with your family?

All submitted artwork that meets the below eligibility requirements will be exhibited. Artwork may be in any of the following categories: painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, print, mixed-media, jewelry, fiber, and photography. If you have a question about the suitability of a student’s artwork for entry, contact gallery@fairbanksarts.org. 


Friday, Feb. 2612 pmDEADLINE to complete online registration form
Saturday, Feb. 27 and Sunday, Feb. 2812:00–4:30 pmArtwork drop off—time slot specific to grade
March 5–March 2612–6 pm Monday–FridayGallery open hours
Friday, March 265:30–7 Virtual celebration (with awards!): 5:30–6 pm artwork slideshow, 6–7 pm awards
Saturday, March 2710–4 pmArtwork pick up—time slot specific to grade

ARTWORK REGISTRATION AND DROP OFF: Students’ parents/guardians or teachers must complete the Up with Art (Reimagined) registration form online no later than noon on Friday, February 26, 2021. The form can be found at the bottom of this page. Artwork can only be delivered once the registration form is submitted online.

Deliver entries to: the BEAR GALLERY (3rd floor Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts, Pioneer Park, 2300 Airport Way) on Saturday, February 27 and Sunday, February 28 during the time slot corresponding to the student’s grade, listed below:

Saturday, Feb. 27Sunday, Feb. 28
12–1:30 pm:  K, 1st, & 2nd grade12–1:30 pm: 7th & 8th grade
1:30–3 pm: 3rd & 4th grade1:30–3 pm: 9th & 10th grade
3–4:30 pm: 5th & 6th grade3–4:30 pm: 11th & 12th grade

ARTWORK PICK UP: Students’ parents/guardians or teachers may pick up artwork on Saturday, March 27 in the Bear Gallery. Pick up times are grouped by the student’s grade:

Saturday, March 27
10–1 pm:  K–6th grade
1–4 pm: 7th–12th grade


Artwork drop off and pick up times are arranged by grade to limit the number of people attempting to drop off/pick up at one time. Individuals coming to the Bear Gallery must wear a mask and maintain a social distance of no less than 6ft. There is currently a maximum of 10 people allowed in the gallery at one time; if the gallery is at capacity when an individual is dropping off or picking up artwork, they will be asked to wait in the interior hallway until there is room in the gallery.


  • Submissions are open to K–12 students at a Fairbanks North Star Borough School District (FNSBSD) affiliated institution including public schools, charter schools, B.E.S.T. etc.
  • Original artwork created by the student artist only. Work must reflect the artist’s unique creative effort. 
  • Fairbanks Arts encourages submissions of artwork that is not a copy of other artists’ original artwork, published artwork, or copyrighted characters. 
  • Artwork containing violence, discriminatory content, or inappropriate language will not be exhibited. Fairbanks Arts Association reserves the right to turn away artwork deemed inappropriate for exhibition in a K-12 student art show in a Fairbanks North Star Borough facility. 


  • Limited to one entry per student, submitted by the student’s parent/guardian or a teacher (with student’s permission).
  • Submitted artwork remains on view through 6 pm, Friday, March 26, 2021. 
  • Work should arrive in good condition and be free of folds, tearing, cracks, etc. Entries will be handled with the greatest possible care; however, Fairbanks Arts is not responsible for minor wear resulting from normal handling. Submissions deemed ‘damaged’ will not be exhibited so as to avoid further damage.
  • Artwork in the exhibition will not be for sale.
  • Submitting an entry constitutes an agreement on the part of the parent/guardian or teacher to all conditions in this prospectus.
  • Works will be considered Fairbanks Arts property if left in the care of Fairbanks Arts for more than 45 days after the determined pickup day, Saturday, March 27, 2021.


  • Entries must be secure and ready for display. 
  • 2D entries on paper must have:
    • A sturdy backing paper (cardstock or paperboard). See the example images below.
    • One of the two below hanging mechanisms:
      • Preferred method: velcro. The walls in the Bear Gallery are carpeted and the ‘hook’ part of velcro (the less soft part) sticks well to the walls. Velcro with an adhesive on the back of it can be purchased at craft or home improvement stores and stuck to the back of the artwork. See diagram below. Donated velcro will be available upon request.
      • Additional method: string or yarn. Using a sturdy tape, such as duct tape, tape a piece of string or yarn to the back of the artwork. Please DO NOT use scotch tape (clear tape) as it will not securely hold the string/yarn. See diagram below.
    • If a student submits a framed 2D artwork, please wire it for hanging. A video on wiring framed artwork can be found here.
Diagrams of velcro method (preferred) and string method