2016 Interior Mayors’ Awards for the Arts


Mayors LogosThe annual Interior Mayors’ Awards for the Arts is an event that recognizes the efforts and achievements of those individuals and organizations who strive to increase awareness, opportunities, and quality of life in Interior Alaska through the arts


Arts and Leadership Award: recognizes individuals or organizations that have contributed to the promotion of the arts in the Interior.

Volunteer Award: recognizes individuals or organizations, whose support of the arts through volunteer service, has made a significant impact on the arts in the Interior.

Arts Advocacy Award: recognizes individuals or organizations who champion the arts with advocacy that supports the development of arts programming within the Interior.

Youth Arts Award: recognizes individuals (regardless of age) or organizations whose efforts advance arts among young people.

Lifetime Achievement Award: recognizes a lifetime of endeavors in the field of arts.

The 2016 Interior Mayors Awards for the Arts will take place on Friday, June 3rd at 5:30 PM in the Pioneer Park Theater (1st Floor, Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts, Pioneer Park, 2300 Airport Rd.)  Join Alaska’s Interior mayors and Fairbanks Arts Association in celebrating this year’s recipients for their dedication to improving our community through the arts. This event is free and open to the public.

2016 Recipients

Arts and Leadership – Dr. Eduard Zilberkant, Fairbanks

Volunteer – Jack Morris, Fairbanks

Arts Advocacy – Cassandra Tilly, Fairbanks

Youth Arts – Peggy Swartz, Fairbanks

Lifetime Achievement – Melinda Mattson & Richard Ussery, Fairbanks


ELIGIBILITY: Awards are open to all individuals or groups, residing in the interior of Alaska who have made significant contributions to contemporary and/or traditional arts within Alaska’s Interior.

A person or organization who receives an award is not eligible to receive the same award within the next four years; however, they may be nominated for a different category within that time frame. Wondering if your preferred nominee is eligible? A list all previous Mayors’ Awards winners is available at the bottom of this page.

Fairbanks Arts Association staff are not eligible to be nominated or to make nominations.





Arts and Leadership – Jaunelle Celaire, Fairbanks

Volunteer – Doris Callaway, Fairbanks

Arts Advocacy – Vanessa Jackson, North Pole

Arts Advocacy – Jamie Smith, Fairbanks

Youth Arts – Susan Perry Jordan, Fairbanks

Youth Arts – Alayah Brunty, North Pole

Lifetime Achievement – Theresa Reed, Fairbanks


Arts and Leadership – Dick & Hoa Brickley, Fairbanks

Volunteer – Michael Kingston, Delta Junction

Volunteer – Margo Klass, Fairbanks

Arts Advocacy – North Pole Grange & John Poirrier

Youth Arts – Healy Tech Team, Denali Borough

Lifetime Achievement – Norman Shelburne

Lifetime Achievement – Harold ‘Doc’ South


Arts and Leadership – Marvilla Davis, Fairbanks

Volunteer – Sue Cole, Fairbanks

Arts Advocacy – Denali Arts & Humanities Alliance, Denali Borough

Youth Arts – Amy Reisland-Speer

Lifetime Achievement – Dr. Suzanne Summerville


Arts and Leadership – E. Maya Salganek, Fairbanks

Arts and Leadership – Fairbanks Watercolor Society – Tom and Nelda Nixon, Fairbanks

Volunteer – Phyllis Pendergrast and Chuck Lemke, Fairbanks

Arts Advocacy – Peggy Ferguson, Fairbanks

Youth Arts –Bill Stevens, Fairbanks

Lifetime Achievement – Ree Nancarrow, Denali Park


Arts and Leadership – Nikki Kinne, Fairbanks

Volunteer – Theresa Reed, Fairbanks

Volunteer – Stefani Boreggo, Fairbanks

Arts Advocacy – Anne Biberman, Fairbanks

Youth Arts -Norman Shelburne, North Star Dance Foundation, Fairbanks

Lifetime Achievement – Barry McWayne, Fairbanks

Lifetime Achievement – Helen Atkinson, Fairbanks


Arts and Leadership- Jo Scott, Fairbanks

Volunteer- Penny Wakefield, Fairbanks

Arts Advocacy- Sonja Schmidt, Healy

Youth Arts- Ilah Reynar, Denali Park

Lifetime Achievement- Neville Abbott Jacobs, Fairbanks

Special Recognition in the Arts- Jinx Whitaker & Gloria Fischer, Fairbanks


Arts and Leadership – Design Alaska, Fairbanks

Volunteer – Sandra Trumbower, Anderson

Arts Advocacy – Kris Capps, Healy

Youth Arts – Melissa Downes, Fairbanks

Lifetime Acheivement – Jean Carlo, Fairbanks


FOR QUESTIONS: info@fairbanksarts.org or 456.6485 ext. 225