August Gift Shop Artist of the Month

Gift Shop Artist of the Month

Kelli Boyle of DUO Goods

Featured: August 7-28, 2020

Gift Shop Hours: Monday-Friday, noon-6pm


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Kelli Boyle has been making jewelry in Fairbanks for 7 years. As a lifelong Alaskan, she is inspired by the natural beauty and diversity of the land and its people. Her aesthetic is both modern and organic, often mixing traditional, natural materials such as antler and birch bark with modern metals to create bold, contemporary pieces. 

Her jewelry business, DUO Goods, also serves to help young people in the Fairbanks Community. A portion of all sales are given to local non-profits and young artisans are often invited to sell alongside her at in-person events. More of her work can be found at


Please note: All visitors to the gift shop and gallery are must wear a mask. Thank you for helping us keep Fairbanks safe!