May Exhibition Featuring: Group f/4

Due to COVID-19 precautions and Fairbanks Arts’ commitment to keeping our community safe, the gallery will remain closed to visitors during the month of May.

We are proud to present May’s exhibition online, featuring:

Group f/4 – Four Female Fotographers 

from Fairbanks 

Exhibition available online beginning: Friday, May 1 at 6pm


Group f/4 (Four Female Fotographers from Fairbanks) loosely follows a photographic tradition that started in 1932, with the first museum exhibition of Group f/64. Born in the home of William Van Dyke, Group f/64 was a small club of like-minded friends and artists who came together over a common interest. The group’s primary battle was to fight against the aesthetic style of pictorialism which had dominated as the ”pure ideal” of the photographic process. Group f/64 was eager to present a new vision, redefining what their medium looked like and represented.

Like the original society, we are a group of female photographers who have found inspiration and support within each other – often meeting at someone’s home like the founding members of Group f/64. We are no longer waiting for a “new vision”, nor an entirely new photographic style, rather we are in the age of opportunity. We are four unique artists, presenting different approaches, styles, and techniques – but we share a deep respect for the medium as evidenced in our work. In their manifesto, the group stated, “The chief object of the Group is to present in frequent shows what it considers the best contemporary photography” while “not pretending to cover the entire spectrum of photography”. We too embrace this concept, and present here, our first exhibition together.

–Group f/4: Judy Sanchez, Charlotte Peterson, Alyssa Enriquez, and Jerzy Ellanna


Judy Sanchez

Judy SanchezWith a fifty-year commitment to the field of photography, Judy Sanchez has explored many of the possibilities that it offers, including, but not limited to, landscapes, portraits, still lives, editorial, and advertising photography. In this, her first significant exhibition in Alaska, there will be a selection of fine art images demonstrating her abilities and fluidity with the medium.

A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, and former instructor there, her work is included in the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institution, amongst other noteworthy public and private collections.


Alyssa Enriquez

Alyssa EnriquezAlyssa Enriquez is a photo-based artist and arts educator residing in Fairbanks, Alaska. Alyssa completed her MFA in Photography at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and earned her BFA in Fine Art Photography from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California.

On a deeply personal level her work captures intimate moments of stillness, introspection, new experiences, and ultimately a sense of identity through these collective moments. In the winter of 2019/2020 Alyssa was an artist in residence at the School of Photographic Arts Ottawa. Her work has been exhibited in Alaska, New York, California, and internationally, held in private collections, and published in Permafrost Magazine.


Jerzy Ellanna

Jerzy JustineJerzy Ellanna is a Fine Art and Portrait photographer, born and raised in Alaska and currently based in Dickinson, ND. She is a recent graduate of University of Alaska Fairbanks with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and a concentration in ceramics.

Her personal work has been primarily focused on the nude form, where she explores the beauty of form, anonymity, and the inherent societal context of nudity. She is interested in the body as a form, the shapes created in the way humans move, and the lines our bodies create as a whole.


Charlotte Peterson

Charlotte Peterson

Charlotte was raised in small town Nenana, Alaska where she cultivated a love and appreciation for exploring, creating, and the Alaskan landscape. She resides in Fairbanks, Alaska with her husband and child. Charlotte recently graduated from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks with a BFA in photography. Charlotte is an award winning photographer whose work has been viewed internationally. Charlotte was also the recipient of an Individual Artist Award from the Rasmuson Foundation. 

In her current series, Sacred Geometry,  Charlotte explores the interplay of light and shadow with man made structures to create geometric forms. Images from her work often straddle the line between abstraction and representational, between flatness and depth. 

Tones of black and white help distill the images to its essence: minimal swaths of tone and texture, overlaid with shadow, geometric shapes and pattern. Monochrome strips away the distraction of color and brings forth the simplistic nature of this minimalist work. 

Each image is titled with its corresponding geographic location. Copy and paste the title into Google Maps to find where Charlotte took them, then go out and take your own and make sure to tag her (@dust_and_bone_) on Instagram!