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Brianna Reagan


BriannaReagan-grayscaleAbout the Artist

I was born in 1986, and spent the first half of my life in and around the Bay Area of California. Spending much of my impressionable years on the coast, I gravitate to all things marine. My biological father was also a deep-sea diver in the Navy, so our house was always filled with finds from the ocean. Ironically, I now live in the state with the most coast-line, and I’m the furthest away from the water. 

Living and working in Alaska has its own challenges, but Alaska has begun to creep into my imagery over the past few years. The wilderness is so abundant and so profound here, that it is actually a struggle to not find inspiration in my daily routine.

Being constantly invaded with images and ideas, I indulge my mind to make connections within them.  My art then becomes about connection, about the relationship between objects or characters, and about the journey from concept to completed work of art. My art also connects me to my obsessive need for details and profound need for visual order. The details are then an outlet for these compulsive energies, allowing me to connect uniquely with each work of art.

My paintings are applied to a wood surface or panel, with hand drawn details in inks, markers, or color pencils. The mixed media approach further complements the combination of ideas and captures more details and intricacies of the character or object, while also satisfying my compulsive energy.

I currently live and work in Fairbanks, Alaska, where I love to hate it, but hate to leave it.


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