Literary Reading featuring Frank Soos

Saturday, November 2, 7pm

in the Bear Gallery


In November, writer Frank Soos joins Fairbanks Arts Association in the Bear Gallery for a literary reading! Joining this hour of entertainment means that you get to experience a former State Poet Laureate share his work with a small audience in a space full of art. Come early to enjoy the current exhibit on view, enjoy the reading and then stay for conversation afterwards. You never know what you’ll learn!

Read below what Frank says about his work as a writer: 

Frank on Bike“I’ve been writing essays and fiction for I can’t remember how many years now. While these are very different forms with very different technical expectations, they have this in common (or at least they do in my thinking):  Both forms start with questions—questions about the human condition I can only find one way to answer. I begin to put my question down on paper, not in a direct way, but in a most elliptical form circling actions and ideas, poking at them from as many directions as possible.  

I don’t think I am looking for answers to these questions in the narrow sense of the word.  Instead I am looking to wrestle with them and invite my readers to enter in with me in a struggle to come to a larger understanding of the very question I began with.  

As such, what I write is not nice and neat.  It’s often a mess and may seem inconclusive to a reader.  That reader would be right. I’m not offering a through-line, a way to walk my way of thinking, but a chance for a reader to take up the question for him or herself.  I wish my readers well, but would suggest I’m more likely to push them over a precipice rather than lead them down a path.” – Frank Soos


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