March Literary Reading ft. Elyse Guttenberg & David Marusek

Saturday, March 2, 7pm
The Bear Gallery 

On this first Saturday in March, join the audience in the Bear Gallery  to listen to renowned writers Elyse Guttenberg and David Marusek read from their newest fiction novels!

Elyse Guttenberg is best known as an Alaskan fantasy writer. Her first novel Sunder, Eclipse and Seed was shortlisted for the Crawford award for best first novel by the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts. Two other novels, Summer Light and Daughter of the Shaman are Alaskan prehistories. Guttenberg is the recipient of an Alaska State Council on the Arts Individual Fellowship in Literature, and an Artists Initiative Award. Shorter works appear in The Women’s Press Book of New Myth and Magic, Spaceships and Spells, About Place Journal, and other publications.
Guttenberg will be reading from her newest novel, The Power We Share. All writers have a voice,” Guttenberg says, “and so do stories, and the characters that inhabit them. The Power We Share is lighter than her other novels in both language and plot. It’s a fantasy set in the hidden north of a re-imagined earth in the era of the great ships, and it’s the story of Molly Sinclair. She’s a pirate and a witch in a world where spells are packaged and sold, identities are switched, and battles explode across the sea.


Author David Marusek writes science fiction in a cabin in Fairbanks, Alaska. His work has appeared in Playboy, Nature, MIT Technology Review, Asimov’s, and other periodicals and anthologies around the world and has been translated into ten languages. According to Publisher’s Weekly, “Marusek’s writing is ferociously smart, simultaneously horrific and funny, as he forces readers to stretch their imaginations and sympathies.”
Marusek started out writing short stories and still has interest in the short form. “However,” he says, “I’ve recently embarked on a five-book series called Upon This Rock, which is set in present-day Alaska. It’s an epic tale of faith, family, and alien invasion in the bush. It’s my first long-form work set in Alaska and is inspired by people and events I’ve encountered in more than 45 years living in the state. Plus space aliens.”