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Fairbanks Arts Association   

Quilt Alaska 2018

A Biennial Exhibition of Traditional & Contemporary Quilting

On View: July 6-28, 2018       

     Opening Reception: Friday, July 6, 2018 from 5-7pm

Bear Gallery (3rd Floor, Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts), Pioneer Park, 2300 Airport Way, Fairbanks

DESCRIPTION: A biennial exhibit of traditional and contemporary quilting organized by the Cabin Fever Quilters’ Guild and hosted by Fairbanks Arts Association


Friday, June 1st             Entry Form & Photo Postmark Deadline

                               Sunday, July 1st    12-6pm        Entry Delivery

                               Friday, July 6th        5-7pm        Opening Reception

                               Sunday, July 29th    12-6pm        Pick up exhibit entry


  • For the purpose of this exhibit, “QUILT” is defined as three layers (top is the creatively designed side, a center batting, and then a back) with all three layers joined together with threads in some sort of pattern or design.
  • Open to artists 18 years or older who are members of the Cabin Fever Quilters’ Guild, or are residents of Interior Alaska or the Doyon Region.
  • Each artist/artist group is limited to one entry.
  • The original artist/maker must submit the entry, not a later recipient of the entry.
  • This exhibit is a NON-JURIED show. Work submitted must reflect the unique creative effort of the artist/maker, and must meet the basic criteria of being a quilt or being quilted.
  • No kits, copies, or exact replicas of other original artwork or published quilts. No copies of any published images or copyrighted characters, i.e. Disney. Contact the Cabin Fever Quilters’ Guild coordinator (see reverse) for review of any questionable quilt prior to delivery date.
  • Using a published pattern is acceptable, but the entry must then show the creative interpretation of the maker.
  • Entry must have been completed after July 2016 and not previously exhibited in the Bear Gallery.


  • Entries must remain on display through Saturday July 28, 2018.
  • Entries will be handled with the greatest possible care and are insured against damage or loss for the duration of the exhibit. Fairbanks Arts is not responsible for minor wear resulting from normal handling.
  • Fairbanks Arts retains a 35% commission on all sales, in the gallery and gift store. Works will be for sale unless otherwise noted as NFS (Not For Sale). Artist payments will be made within 30 days of the exhibit’s closure.
  • Fairbanks Arts retains the right to photograph all works for documentation, publication and education.


  • Deliver entry to the Bear Gallery, AK Centennial Center for the Arts in Pioneer Park on Sunday, July 1st, 12-6pm.
  • Attach paper label to back of the entry during intake.
  • Entries must be clean, dry, and free of pet hair and/or odors.
  • With the exception of wearable garments, all entries must be ready to hang with 2 inches of Velcro (hook side) stitched firmly along the entire top of the quilt back. Large quilts could have an additional 2” square tab of Velcro stitched to each bottom corner to aid in hanging.
  • Entry can be picked up July 29th, 12-6pm. No entries will be returned by mail.
  • Quilters may submit garments or small quilts/quilted items for sale in the Bear Gallery Gift Shop. Maximum size 25” x 25”. Bring items on entry day: Sunday, July 1st, 12-6pm and fill out a Gift Shop Inventory Form.  Bear Gallery Gift Shop space is limited, it is at the discretion of Fairbanks Arts Association to determine how many quilts can fit into the gift shop.

CONTACT: 456-6485 X 226 or gallery@fairbanksarts.org with any questions

Click here for exhibition information and entry form.