May In the Bear Gallery

May 2018

Feathers and Fingertips

A Fly Tyer Art Show

From Members of Interior Fly Tyers

Curated by Igor Pasternak

On View: May 4th-26th, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, May 4th 5-7pm


May exhibition
Tamala’s Dress by Scott Murdock


We draw inspiration from the beauty and uniqueness of the tools, materials, process, product and the sharing of our individual passion for this craft when we get together to practice fly tying. Our muse is the history of this craft, where the aesthetic dimension of tying fishing flies became just as important, or even more important than its pragmatic facets related directly to fishing. Through this metamorphosis the craft and its products become recontextualized as art, transforming the criteria for the all the elements. The beauty of fishing flies is appreciated around the world by fishers and non-fishers alike.

Feathers for fishing flies are sourced from birds around the world, both wild and domesticated, with many kinds of the latter being raised especially for this purpose. Fly tiers have extensive knowledge of birds, as well as of the immense variety of fine specialized tools and synthetic material created for the trade. Each completed fishing fly is a result of an elaborate process of applying this understanding while continuously growing one’s skill and passion. This is a group show, including actual fly tying, photography, 2-d and 3-d medium.

-Igor Pasternak

Join us for a Curator Lecture with Igor Pasternak

Wednesday, May 2nd from 7-8pm

Blue room (3rd Floor AK Centennial Center for the Arts) Pioneer Park, 2300 Airport Way

For more information contact 456-6485 ext. 226 or


May Gift Shop Artist:

                     Lindsey Copelin



“My adventure in Alaska began ten years ago waiting tables in Denali. The following year I LCopelin imagemoved into a tiny dry cabin in Fairbanks with my husband.  Feeding the fire one winter night I peeled bark from a length of firewood. I continued peeling the bark apart until I had a nice, clean sheet of paper. Add some scissors, sandpaper and dye and my birch bark jewelry designs were born. Today my birch jewelry and artwork have evolved to include collage, watercolor on woodburnings and other (indescribable) techniques.

This all started on a whim but the level of discovery I have enjoyed year after year keeps me quite entertained with the material. From manipulating it beyond recognition to following the guidance of natural shades, textures and limitations the bark is both material and inspiration.  

For me, curiosity leads to creativity. I enjoy wandering tree to tree and stump to log looking under and through things and tearing them apart.  This always leads to questions which I am happy to answer to myself from imagination as I fill my bag with cool things to mess with at home. Between art projects I can usually be found skiing, skijoring with lazy mutt, hiking, running or floating in some water somewhere. In addition to my birch bark art I also sketch, illustrate and sometimes paint.  You can learn more about me and my art at,, facebook and instagram.”

Lindsey Copelin



Also featured during May:

                   Watercolor Artist of the Month

                                                         Helen Howard

May watercolor image
Wolf by Helen Howard


Helen Howard was born in Cornwall, England and arrived in Fairbanks in 196May Watercolor_ H. Howard4. When living in London for a year in 1968, Helen started oil painting, but she has been mostly focusing on watercolor since her retirement in 1999 from the Alaska Native Language Center at UAF. She has attended workshops by Nancy Taylor Stonington, Mel Stabin, Jane Hofstetter, Frank Francese, Ron Ranson, Carl Purcell, Gayle Weisfield, Bill Brody, Rod Weagant, Judi Betts and others. However, local watercolor artist Vladimir Zhikhartsev has been the greatest influence in Helen’s work. She enjoys plein air painting and experimenting with the movement of color.

Helen is past-president of the Fairbanks Watercolor Society.  She is a member of the Fairbanks Weavers and Spinners Guild and St. Matthew’s church and enjoys singing in the Fairbanks Symphony Chorus and the Aurora Women’s Choir.