June in the Bear Gallery: Adam Owen & K N Goodrich


K N Goodrich and Adam Owen

K N Goodrich, Mixed Media
Gallery Exhibition: Selected Groupings

 June 5, 7-8pm Artist Lecture by K N Goodrich
Blue Room, 3rd Floor Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts, Pioneer Park

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My work is contemporary, experimental, mixed media painting. I create artwork in a search for peace, clarity and order from my own experience of the world as a place of disorder, chaos and uncertainty. My work investigates the journey to acceptance of trauma, loss, fracture, imperfection, alienation, margin-alisation and impermanence: my journey.

I combine representation, figuration and symbolism with varying degrees of abstraction to create compositions that evoke an ambiguous narrative of past trauma and the beauty to be found in the evidence of survival. Layering, especially between media, is a key element in my work, creating the sense of time passed, with traces visibly remaining of what was there before.

I want to make work that is relevant to a wider public by using contemporary experimental approaches within the traditional format of painting. Over the years, my contemporary approach and experimentation with new technologies, different materials and wide-ranging techniques has led me to create some very interesting and innovative work. One approach I’ve been working on is the use of digital photo processing and printing technologies in combination with traditional painting materials, especially pastel and watermedia.

Adam Owen, Pyrographer/Photographer
Gallery Exhibition: Nature’s Burn

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Adam Owen PhotoAdam Owen is a self-taught artist whose passion for wildlife and nature are captured in his wood burning art (pyrography) and nature photographs. Pyrography is all about applying varying degrees of heat that produce monochromatic, sepia-like hues in subtle values and tones. Executing with accuracy, style, and imagination is key in producing unique and evocative works of art. Since 2001 Adam has developed and evolved a body of work that represents the best of who he is. Adam is passionate about this medium and attempts to portray the natural world in fresh and interesting ways to express his appreciation of animals and nature. As he “paints with heat,” he feels a certain parallel between the wild and natural spirits that embody his subjects and the organic and distinctively unforgiving nature of his medium which includes wood, antler, and paper. As an outdoor enthusiast living in Fairbanks his inspiration can be found in the everyday beauty of Alaska.

This show, titled “Nature’s Burn,” hopes to communicate Adam’s passion for pyrography and photography as well as the idea that wood burning is more than just a craft. It is a fine art and deserves recognition and respect as such.