March in the Bear Gallery Up With Art – Fairbanks North Star Borough School District Student Art Show

March 2018

Up With Art

Fairbanks North Star Borough School District

Annual Student Art Show

On view: March 2nd- 31st, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, March 2nd, 5-7pm


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Jenna Watson – 12th grade, Reduction Print

Every year Up With Art showcases visual art created by the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District students and runs through the month of March to celebrate National Youth Art Month. Included in this exhibition are works of art created by Pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade students. Pieces are chosen by district-wide Art Specialists along with the art teachers at each Middle and High School from work created throughout the school year. This show is a visual timeline of artistic growth as students move through an exemplary art program supported by the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District. Fairbanks Arts Association partners with the school district to display and celebrate our community commitment to art education. We are in our 34th year of the UP WITH ART show, literally generations of creativity!



Also featured during March:

Gift Shop Artist of the Month

Teresa Shannon

Triceratops Mug & Saucer, Stoneware & Terracotta by Teresa Shannon


“My work is either thrown on the potter’s wheel and gently altered or built with soft slabs of clay. My finished pots suggest the look of the wet, fresh clay; they show the way that soft clay can stretch and nestle into your hands. I use matte glazes with muted colors on the exterior of the forms to emphasize the softness of the clay. The interiors are finished with glossier glazes, suggesting a wet, fruit-like, interior. I am forever intrigued by the subtle atmospheric effect created where two or more glazes meet and melt together.

I often embellish the forms by applying hand-made sprigs (like a three-dimensional stamp) of small animals to my work. The inspiration for these sprigs comes from the creatures that live in the woods around my house. Recently, I have been adding little dinosaurs to my pots (because dinosaurs are cool and fun!) I am excited by the way that these creatures can draw a user in and bring a sense of joy to the work. Each pot becomes a character or a companion to accompany the user through their morning coffee or family dinner.”

-Teresa Shannon



Watercolor Corner Artist of the Month

Margaret Kellogg


Mountain mist


“I’m inspired by the beautiful moments in every day. Things that may go unnoticed by people, like the way the light hits the birch trees at sunset with tones of pink and orange, the ice crystals hanging from a leaf or a little chickadee on a branch with its feathers fluffed out trying to keep warm. These are the beautiful moments in life I try to capture in my paintings. I look at the world through a different colored lens since I started taking classes with Vladimir Zhikhartsev. These classes have helped me assess my work with a more critical eye, which I believe has improved my work.”

-Margaret E. Kellogg