Community Writers Group

The Fairbanks Community Writers Group’s mission is to nurture writers, regardless of style and genre, so they can achieve their goals. Many assume the end result of writing is publishing. However many write for the creative outlet or as part of another creative process (i.e. writing a play for the stage or a screenplay for a movie).Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

The Community Writers Group has been supported by the Fairbanks Arts Association since it began in 1998. Since then, hundreds of writers have shared their work with other CWG writers.

The Fairbanks Community Writers Group welcomes new members to their meetings that are held from 1-4 pm on the second Sunday in the Bear Gallery on the third floor of the Fairbanks Arts Association building (the big round building near the main entrance) in Pioneer Park.

Membership is open and members are encouraged, but not required, to submit their writings. Other members read and critique each submission. Those who attend the monthly meeting prepare for the meeting by downloading submissions, reading and critiquing each submission ahead of time. The purpose of the critique is to give each author feedback on how the manuscript works, its good points and positive suggestions for improvement.

There are no membership fees. If you are interested, attend one of the CWG meetings. You will then have access to submit your writing and review submissions from other writers.

– Jim Durkee, Community Writer’s Group Member


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