FY20 Biennial Operating Support Final Report Support Materials


Programs, Advocacy, Communication, Community – the highlights

(a whirlwind FY20 Journey)


Please accept these links to Fairbanks Arts’ newsletters from FY20 as our support materials for our FY20 Final Biennial Operating Support. They offer a snapshot of the highlights of our year, the challenges, where we placed our efforts, and our philosophy as a community arts organization. Also included are the Up With Art and RESILIENCE online exhibitions.


June 30, 2019: Director’s response to the State Budget Vetoes– includes 1-page summary and expanded explanation of the issues

July 26, 2019: Arts Action Alert w/ copy of Jess’ testimony delivered in-person to the House Finance Committee

September, 2020 Events blast

October 23, 2019 Newsletter: Message following reinstatement of ASCA

November 17, 2019 Director’s Message regarding the Centennial Center’s sudden closure

December, 2020 Events blast

December 28, 2019: End of Year Support and Wandering Bear Grand Opening. 

February 6, 2020 newsletter: Gratitude for Wandering Bear Gallery contributors and updated newsletter look

February 10, 2020 Visual F.A.N. (Fairbanks Arts News) – along with redesigning our regular newsletter, we began monthly program-specific updates called F.A.N.s for Visual, Literary, Performing, and Arts Education (these were promptly interrupted by COVID-19 the following month). They allowed us to slim down our regular newsletter, while highlighting more of our affiliate activities, resources, and opportunities in the individual F.A.N. e-blasts.

February 18, 2020 Literary F.A.N. (our first one!)

February 22, 2020 Performing F.A.N. (our first one!)

March 18, 2020 Newsletter: Director’s response to COVID-19 and compilation of creative resources

April 23, 2020 Newsletter: Update from Fairbanks Arts amidst closure


2020 Up With Art Website


2020 RESILIENCE exhibition (statewide, open-entry)