Artists in Schools FY17 Season Highlights

All photographs on this page are courtesy of in-school coordinators of AIS residencies in the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District. ASCA has permission to use any of the included photos with the exception of photos from Midnight Sun Academy. For any questions, please contact Fairbanks Arts Education Coordinator, Angela Bingley, at 907.456.6485 ext. 225 or


Iris Sutton at Watershed Charter School

Iris Sutton, a painter, held residencies at Watershed Charter and North Pole Elementary (NPE) schools, teaching watercolor techniques to more than 700 K-8 students. Students explored the fundamentals of drawing in proportion and color relationships using animals and landscape as inspiration. Math and measuring skills, in addition to appropriate vocabulary, were included in her lessons. Iris also led color and design workshops for teachers.



Doris Pfalmer at U-Park Elementary School

Doris Pfalmer, a ceramics artist, taught over 900 Pre-K-6th graders at two elementary schools about pottery, creating age-appropriate projects while teaching vocabulary and slab construction methods. She also held hands-on workshops for teachers to further their ability to teach pottery to their students.

photo of school display for Doris residency at UPark from Michelle


Felix Webbe at Ben Eielson Jr./Sr. High School

Felix Webbe, a dancer and former instructor for the Cuban National Dance Company, enjoyed working with nearly 1500 K-12 students during his 5 residencies at 4 high schools and 1 elementary. Students learned history, music and dances of Cuba, Africa and Europe during these culture-focused residencies. Students flourished as they learned the steps, rhythms and social positions of the Bachata, Cha-Cha-Cha, Mambo and more.

Felix dancing with BEHS students


Kendell Macomber at Ticasuk Brown

Kendell Macomber, a dance teacher and choreographer, taught more than 1300 students during her residencies across 3 elementary schools in the district. She taught creative movement in the form of Hip Hop dance, including warm-up exercises, choreography and technique. Kendell generated great enthusiasm from students as they improved their coordination and stamina


Sara Tabbert at West Valley High School

Sara Tabbert, a mixed media artist, carried out a printmaking residency with 150 Art students at West Valley High School. With Sara’s help, students created block and collagraph prints. They explored both processes, learning how to use the necessary tools before using an etching press to create relief prints. Students enjoyed planning their designs and were really excited to see the final results.

Mary Ver Hoef at Midnight Sun Academy

Students worked collaboratively with Mary to create a 4’ by 16’ mural using map strips pasted onto base boards to present a river, and individually to create their own collage fish to be placed on it. Mary was especially pleased to see the great pride shown by all the students in their art work and many enjoyed the project so much that they even rearranged other activities, including family visits, so nothing would conflict with their ‘art tim

Mary Maisch at Denali Elementary School

Mary Maisch, a retired FNSBSD school teacher, taught residencies at Anne Wien and Denali elementary schools, involving nearly 800 pre-K to 6th grade students. At both schools, with the exception of grades 3 to 6 at Denali, students made small 3D songbirds. With Mary’s instruction, they learned 3D papier-mâché sculpture techniques and how to use art paste, as well as other appropriate materials. Mary took great pleasure from hearing students name their birds and listening to them tell stories about them as they added final details. She also taught a bookmaking residency for grades 3-6 at Denali. Students created their own books using quality watercolor paper to create colorful journals.

Mary Maisch residency making books at Denali 3


Thank you Alaska State Council on the Arts for your continued support of the Artists in Schools Program!