Calls for Art


Dear Friends of the Fairbanks Arts Association,

This is a message to Alaskan artists and supported who may be interested. Please feel to spread the word.

Hi Fairbanks!
I just wanted to share with you a new art challenge we have started at 1000 Cranes for Alaska, in the wake of the shootings in Portland and at the elementary school in Newtown, CT.
We are encouraging anyone with children, access to children, or kids at heart, to create art, cards, inspired messages for those affected by the shootings, and post pictures on our “1000 Cranes for Alaska” facebook page, or send them to me and I will post them. Once we have a steady stream, I will make sure the school in Newtown has access to the page, so the messages will be available for the families most affected. I just received word from my friend, a teacher in St. Michael, that she will get the kids in the village involved on Monday, so we can once again lead the charge for healing through the resiliency of children, the transformative power of art, and the connecting force of social media.
1000 cranes for AK
Please help me spread the word and perhaps we can get other Alaskan schools involved as well. In the wake of our state’s ongoing struggle with suicide prevention, I believe opportunities like this one, to get involved and be a positive force in the lives of others, can encourage healing in all directions.
Thank you!
Leslie Kimiko Ward
Founder “1000 Cranes for Alaska”
For more on the “1000 Cranes for Alaska” campaign and to learn how you can contribute please visit: 





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