FBX: BOMB is a new ongoing projection art installation space. Our first project is a text based participatory “projection bomb.” Future projects may be video art pieces, short films, and whatever else people can think of. We welcome submission inquiries.

site: http://www.fbxbomb.com
email: fbxbomb@gmail.com

FBX:BOMB kicked off with a live projection art installation on Jan 4. The public was invited to come down on Friday, Jan 4 from 5PM – 8PM to participate. We projected a question/prompt onto the wall and audience members contributed their response via text message. A few seconds later answers appeared on the wall.

Address: The parking lot of Mark Fejes’ WAG Studios – 1222 Well St @ Good. Across from Well Street Art.

FB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/459531164108671/

Presented by Anne Kristoff, Mark Fejes and Sarah Smith
fbx bomb