Statewide Touring Exhibits

Anchorage Museum Statewide Exhibits

The Anchorage Museum produces two shows on alternating years: All Alaska Juried and Earth, Fire and Fibre. Both exclusively feature Alaskan artists, are juried by renowned professionals, and give out cash prizes for winners. They both tour from The Anchorage Museum to the Alaska State Museum in Juneau to Fairbanks Arts Association’s Bear Gallery and occasionally to other Alaskan communities.

The prospectus for either will be available a few months before the submission deadline at:

Earth Fire and Fibre: Deadline Summer 2013

All Alaska Juried: Deadline Summer 2014

Alaska Photography Center

Rarefied Light, Alaska’s largest juried photography exhibition, tours the state annually starting at the Rasmuson Museum in Anchorage and the State Museum in Juneau in the fall and spending the month of December in FAA’s Bear Gallery in Fairbanks.

Rarefied Light: FINAL DEADLINE JULY 21, 2012

More information and the prospectus:

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