The Fairbanks Arts Association is a Non-Profit organization promoting the arts in the interior of Alaska. Membership in the organization has many benefits and the membership dues help us keep the doors open so we can help artists make more art!

To become a member, You may print and mail the form below, drop it off at our office or just come to the Bear Gallery in Pioneer Park and pay for your membership in the Gift Shop. To join by phone call 456-6485 ext. 226.


FAA’s Monthly State of the Arts Newsletter with information and articles, notices and opportunities.

10% Discount in the Gift Shop, featuring on local artists work, CD’s, and books!

Monthly Announcement Postcard with event notifications!

Volunteer Opportunities to work with our programs, help with education, the gallery, or events!

If you’d like a basic $35.00 Contributor Membership, you may join here. Please pay with the PayPal button below and complete the form that will appear after the transaction.


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