Literary Readings

The Fairbanks Arts Association is the proud host of the oldest Literary Reading in the State. Every month, the public is treated to writers reading their own work and a community meet-up where people can connect with other lovers of literature. Readings are held on the day after First Friday, usually the first Saturday of the month at 7 pm. Most reading are held in the Bear Gallery in Pioneer Park, although occasionally in the summer (June, July, and August) the weather is beautiful and we head outside to another spot in Pioneer Park.

2015 Literary Reading Schedule

All Readings are held at 7 PM in the Bear Gallery:

January 3: Ice Fog Open Mic

February 14: Writing in the Dark

March 7: Dr. Eric Heyne and Kyle Mellen

April 4: English Graduate Organization

*April 25: Poetry at the Dredge* Chatanika Gold Dredge at 2 PM

May 2: Alaska Writers Guild Fairbanks Chapter 

June 6: Community Writers Group Reading

July 18: Jill Osier Fellowship Presentation

August 8: Richard Eskew

September 5: Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival Literary Programming 

October 3: Alaska Book Week Event

November 7: Jeremy Pataky – Poet

December 5: TBA Children’s Author Reading

Additional readings and literary events may be held, but the First Saturday Literary Reading Series will always be at 7 pm the day after First Friday (Except February). 

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