Dear Filmmakers and Film Buffs,

Please note, the F3: Fairbanks Film Festival has been rescheduled to coincide with the opening festivities of the Pioneer Park summer season over the Memorial Day weekend. By rescheduling the event, we hope to engage an even wider audience and to enhance the celebrations of the holiday weekend.

Come celebrate the work of local filmmakers and see their work on the big screen at Pioneer Park!

Free screenings of all the winning films from 2014 F3! Categories include documentary, short, under 18, music video and feature. Awards, films and fun!

Awards ceremony and screenings will be held in the Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts Theater at Pioneer Park. A reception will follow in the Bear Gallery on the 3rd floor of the Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts.

F3 14 Promotional Flyer

Reminder: Nominations for the ’2014 Interior Alaska Mayors’ Awards for the Arts’ due March 31st

2014 Interior Alaska Mayors’ Awards for the Arts

Alaska’s Interior Mayors and the Fairbanks Arts Association are soliciting nominations for the Mayor’s Awards for the Arts. This event is a wonderful way to acknowledge fellow community members for their hard work and dedication to the arts.

Monday, March 31, 2014 by 6pm

All nominations will be reviewed by a committee of Fairbanks Arts Association. Nominations must be postmarked, hand-delivered to the FAA office, or emailed to the address below no later than March 31, 2014 by 6pm.

Awards are open to all individuals or groups, residing in the Interior of Alaska who have made significant contributions to contemporary and/or traditional arts within Alaska’s Interior. A person who receives an award is not eligible to receive the same award within the next four years; they may be nominated for a different category within that time frame. Fairbanks Arts Association staff are not eligible to be nominated or nominate awardees. Panel members may not nominate, nor judge family members. Fairbanks Arts Association may decide not to award in any category if there is a lack of eligible candidates.

Categories of Awards:
Arts and Leadership Award: recognizes individuals or organizations that have contributed to the promotion of the arts in the Interior.

Volunteer Award: recognizes individuals or organizations, whose support of the arts through volunteer service, has made a significant impact on the arts in the Interior.

Arts Advocacy Award: recognizes individuals or organizations who champion the arts with advocacy that supports the development of arts programming within the Interior.

Youth Arts Award: recognizes individuals (regardless of age) or organizations whose efforts advance arts among young people.

Lifetime Achievement Award: recognizes a lifetime of endeavors in the field of arts.
How to complete a winning nomination:

Fill out the nomination form and submit up to a 300 word essay. Essays should specifically and concisely address how the individual or organization has helped the Arts in the Interior of Alaska in one of the five categories of awards. Assume judges know nothing about the nominee or organization.

Nominations must be hand delivered, postmarked or emailed to by March 31, 2014- (hand deliver entries to Fairbanks Arts Association, Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts, Pioneer Park, 2300 Airport Way). Mailed to PO Box 72786, Fairbanks, AK 99707. Award recipients will be notified by May 7, 2014. Time and date of Award Ceremony TBA.

FOR MORE INFO: Contact Jill Shipman at 907.456-6485 ext. 222 or visit


AWG Performance Schedule 3/17/14 – 3/21/14

Please see the schedule of events in Pioneer Park Theater this week as part of the Arctic Winter Games Festivities.


Arctic Winter Games Film Festival and Local Performance Series

Monday, March 17- Friday, March 21

Pioneer Park Theater


Monday, March 17, 2014

1:00                       Special Live Performance: Yukon Performing Arts Ensemble


1:30                       Games of the Inua (Alaska)

Maya Salganek, Director. 19 minutes- An inside view of the World Eskimo Indian Olympics, guided by esteemed Alaska Native athlete, Carol Pickett. Played since time immemorial, we witness the challenge of these traditional sports, and the effort being made to pass the embedded knowledge of the games down to future generations.


2:00                       New Gold for Alaska (Yukon)

Dennis Sawyer, Director. 50 minutes- Reports on the Third Arctic Winter Games in Anchorage, Alaska, where teams from the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Arctic Quebec, and Alaska matched skills in indoor and outdoor sports on ice and snow and in pool and gymnasium, with Alaska winning most of the gold medals.


3:00                       Finding Their Own Dance

Robert Prince, Director. 60 minutes- This hour-long documentary tells the story of the Alutiiq Natives in Alaska and their mission to rebuild their culture after Russian and American imperialism nearly destroyed it.


4:00                       Native Time

Sean Morris, Director. 9 min- An Inuit hunter from ages ago scours the barren landscape in search of food. An expert of this harsh wilderness he is prepared for absolutely everything… except this: a crosswalk in modern day Anchorage, Alaska. Ready to hit the button?


Documenting our Land: Diinah Kat Geegirinkhi – i

Matthew Gilbert, Director. 22 min.- Matthew Gilbert foregoes his professional career and stalls it in order to take his aging Gwich’in grandfather upriver from Arctic Village to visit ancient trails and ancient camp sites and hear him tell stories of them.


4:30                       Blue Bead

Written by and Starring Naaqtuuq Dommek. 12 min- Blue Bead/ Suŋauraq is a journey of an Alaskan Iñupiaq student who carves her own life. Using Alaska Native carving traditions as a means towards self-acceptance she discovers her own vision through mask making and begins to heal from loss.


In Our Own Image: Alaska Native Doll Makers and their Creations

Leondard Kamerling, Director. 20 minutes- In Our Own Image: Takes viewers into the world of seven accomplished Alaska Native doll makers,where we learn first-hand about the traditional, cultural and financial realities of being a contemporary Alaska Native artist. Originally produced as part of the UA Museum of the North’s special exhibit, “Not Just a Pretty Face.”


5:00                       Unipkaat (Our Stories)

Stephen Blanchett and Anna Hoover, Directors. 30 min.


5:30                       Band set-up & sound check


6:00                       Special Live Performance: Sabe Flores w/ Travis Burrows & Gary Westcott



7:00                       On the Ice (Feature)

Andrew Okpeaha MacLean, Director. 96 minutes- Two teenage boys who have grown up like brothers go about their lives in the comfortable claustrophobia of an isolated Alaskan town. Early one morning, on a seal hunt with another teenager, an argument between the three boys quickly escalates into a tragic accident. Bonded by their dark secret, the two best friends are forced to create one fabrication after another in order to survive. The shocked boys stumble through guilt-fueled days, avoiding the suspicions of their community as they weave a web of deceit. With their future in the balance, they are forced to explore the limits of friendship and honor.



Tuesday, March 18, 2014


2:00                       Yukon- Short Film Series

A selection of short films which highlight flora, fauna, research, culture in the Yukon. Contributed by AWG Yukon Contingent.


4:00                       Fantastic Tundra Journey

                              A Russian film Contributed by AWG Yamal Contingent.


5:00                       Tradition in Tune

Sarah Becher, Director. 17 minutes- This is an Athabascan Fiddle Association promotional film. It includes interviews, live performances, and dancing from the 30th Athabascan Fiddle Festival.


5:30                       Introduction of Special Guest George Attla


6:00                       Spirit of the Wind

George Attla, Director. 98 minutes – The movie is a semi-autobiographical story based upon the early life and rise to prominence of Native American dog musher George Attla, Jr. Attla was a leading star of the 1960s and 1970s in the sport of sprint dog sled racing. The general theme of the story centers around Attla’s rivalry with the other leading sprint competitors of the day, fellow Alaska Native Gareth Wright and Massachusetts musher Roland “Doc” Lombard, the preparations for an upcoming big race, and his first major race victory. Filmed in Fairbanks, Alaska. 



Wednesday, March 19


2:00                       Kit Carson – Singer/Songwriter with Alaskan Flair

3:30                       Peligro – Fairbanks’ born rock band

5:00                       Dry Cabin String Band – Good old-fashioned Bluegrass

6:00                       Saint Animal – Original folk music with guitar, mandolin, and fiddle

7:00                       Cold Fusion – Belly Dance

7:30                        Tundra Caravan- Middle Eastern Dance Troupe



Thursday, March 20


2:00                       Dance Theater Fairbanks

2:30                       TBA

3:30                       UAF Inu-Yupiaq  - Traditional Alaskan Native Dances by Youth

4:00                       Robert Charlie Band – Traditional Alaskan Fiddle & Song Music

5:00                       Arctic Cats – Live Jazz and Rock

6:00                       Marc Brown and the Blues Crew – The Blues, Fairbanks Style


Friday, March 21

2:00                       TBA

2:30                       Golden Heart Hoop Troupe – Hula hooping

3:00                       Joseph Randsell Green – Original SInger/Songwriter

4:00                       Jesse Bartlett – Pop music with vocals/acoustic guitar

5:00                       Tara Chrisman – Country originals and classics

6:00                       Dry Cabin String Band – Good old-fashioned Bluegrass



Reminder: Deadline for F3 Fairbanks Film Festival Submissions March 15th @ 6 PM

Make sure to get your films submitted! Items must be hand delivered or postmarked by Saturday, March 15th @ 6 PM. 

CALL FOR ENTRIES: The 2014 8th F3 Fairbanks Film Festival – Deadline March 15th

2014 F3 Prospectus-title only

This is the 8th Fairbanks Film Festival – a juried survey of moving image arts by independent film and video makers, including both amateurs and students. The panel of Film Jurors will consider the technical and creative merit of the work and choose a winner in each category. Screenplays will have a single juror. The jurors will be chosen from industry professionals, artists, and university faculty (statewide) to ensure the broadest spectrum of critical appraisal for the competition.

Categories: Feature (Over 40 min.), Documentary (Nonfiction, any length), Short (Under 40 minutes), Music Video (any length), Animation (any length) Screenplays (any length), & Under 18 (Any length.)

DEADLINE: Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 6 PM.

Entries must be hand delivered or postmarked by March 15, 2014- (hand deliver entries to Fairbanks Arts Association, Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts, Pioneer Park, 2300 Airport Way). Mailed to PO Box 72786, Fairbanks, AK 99707, Postmarked by March 15, 2014.
Official selections screened and winners announced at the F3 Fairbanks Film Festival April 18, 2014 at 7pm, Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts Theater, Pioneer Park, 2300 Airport Way.

Mail/Hand deliver F3 Prospectus/ Registration Form with your DVD and entry fee: $5.00 K-12, $10.00 Adult (Pay by money order or check payable to Fairbanks Arts Association)
FOR MORE INFO: Contact Jill Shipman at 907.456-6485 ext. 222 or visit

2014 F3 Prospectus downloadable PDF

Arctic Winter Games comes to the Bear Gallery!

This March, we welcome the “Arctic Winter Games” traveling exhibit from the Juneau State Museum to the Fairbanks Arts Association’s Bear Gallery (3rd Floor of AK Centennial Center in Pioneer Park 2300 Airport Way).

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn about the history of the games through cultural and historical items. The highlight of the exhibit is a comprehensive collection of Arctic Winter Games commemorative pins. The “Arctic Winter Games” exhibit is on display through Saturday, March 29, 2014.

ArcticWinter Games Poster

Arctic Winter Games Exhibit History

The Arctic Winter Games are staged every two years in either Alaska or Canada, although the 2002 games were split between Canada (Nunavut) and Greenland. Northern cities compete with each other for the privilege of hosting the Games, much like the Olympic Games host cities. Athletic contingents come from Alaska, Canada’s northern provinces and territories, Greenland, Russia and the Sami area of northern Scandinavia. Close to 2,000 athletes, performers and support crews now participate in the Games, with many more spectators traveling to the events.

The Arctic Winter Games are probably best known for their Inuit and Dene games, those native to Eskimo and Athabascan cultures. However, they also include more widely-known sports, such as skiing, basketball, snowshoeing, volleyball and skating.

Cultural exchange is a major feature of the games. Performing arts groups and musicians play a big role in the festivities. Winning athletes are awarded medals: gold silver and bronze ulus (an Eskimo cutting tool). The major award, however, is the Hodgson trophy, which is given for team sportsmanship. During their leisure time, many of the participants actively engage in pin trading, which is known as the “twenty-first sport” of the Games.

George V. Smith, guest curator for the exhibit, began collecting lapel pins from the Arctic Winter Games (AWG) in 1992. The collection is nearly complete and totals almost 1,000 pins. Smith’s efforts led to the development of an exhibition on the history and organization of the Arctic Winter Games which will open at the Fairbanks Arts Association’s Bear Gallery March 7, 2014 to coincide with Fairbank’s hosting of the Arctic Winter Games.

The exhibit describes the evolution of the Games, the sports, awards and cultural activities, as well as the Games’ organizational structure. In addition to the collection of AWG-related pins, the show features photo panels, jackets, team clothing, sports equipment, emblems, mascots and other paraphernalia. Smith has also written a catalog to accompany the exhibit describing the Games and their history.

Smith now works at the Institute of Museum and Library Services in Washington, D.C., he was previously Deputy Director and Acting Director of the Alaska State Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums and a long-time resident of Juneau. He served on the AWG Team Alaska staff for three Games and then became a board director for Team Alaska.

For more information please visit or contact 456-6485 ext 222.